Project successes highlighted as Arrowdawn celebrates 18th birthday

Arrowdawn NOC

It’s by no means a landmark figure in business terms – but Arrowdawn has just turned 18 years old.
From the very beginning we’ve stuck to what we do best: networks, communications and security in the Cisco arena.

We’ve not been tempted to expand into traditional IT services, instead preferring to partner with those in that area to deliver network and comms support and all that goes with it.

Sticking to what we do best is a model that has worked well for us – and will continue to do so in the future as even greater demands are placed on networks and communications infrastructure, and the integrity of those systems.

Currently we provide 24/7 support to more than 250+ offices across more than 20 countries. Most of our contracts are direct with clients, but we are not adverse to collaboration. Far from it, we see partnerships forming a key part of our growth strategy in the next few years.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back, though, and recognise a few of the successful projects delivered by our staff in Aberdeen, Inverness and Edinburgh.

These include:

•Oil major: Offshore LAN Upgrades
•Logistics giant: Global LAN & WAN refresh and 24x7x365 network support
•Professional services firm: UK Voice, Data and WiFi Network support
•Engineering services firm: Global LAN and Voice network support
•Global supply business: Global Voice network support
•Oil & gas engineering contractor: Global VPN network support
•Global oil & gas products/services: Voice, Data and WiFi support
•Operator – resource augmentation
•North Sea comms: Radar network support – across 16 offshore platforms (10 operators)
•Integrated services provider: UK Voice, Data and WiFi support
•Operator: Offshore Process Control Network redesign, implementation and support
•Operator: LAN and Data Centre deployment and support for engineering contractor
•Housebuilder: UK Data and WiFi network support
•Oilfield services: Voice network support
•New operator – Voice network support
•Operator: European Network and Data Centre support
•Oilfield services – HQ firewall replacement

We’ve been trusted to handle some major projects – and delivered. Thank you to all our valued customers over the years, many of whom have been with since the early days. We’re looking forward to celebrating our next anniversary – and many more years beyond that.