Strategy & Design

Arrowdawn designs networks for companies with Global offices to much smaller single site designs for specific projects i.e. Global WAN’s to single site IP Telephony solutions.

Why we provide this service

Increasingly IT departments are asked to do more with fewer resources and finances, whilst being expected to deliver increased stability and availability. New applications also often require either more bandwidth or need the network to be more resilient i.e. desktop virtualisation. Intranet’s, etc.

After analysis, we often find that a lot of our clients infrastructure and real estate can be redeployed or reconfigured and hence reduce additional hardware expenditure.

What we do

Arrowdawn’s strategy and design service look at an organisations current networking infrastructure and provides a design built on the future business requirements based on the following key criteria:

  • Short, medium and long term bandwidth and connectivity requirements
  • Design solutions based on the level of uptime required
  • Evaluate how current hardware can be redeployed to reduce any Capex costs
  • Provide a minimum recommended solution with appropriate options

The benefits to you

  • Maximise the current investment in existing hardware and software infrastructure
  • Have a clear strategic plan that meets the business requirements
  • Recommend scalable hardware that can meet your future business needs
  • Have a network that is deployed based on best practice principles